No compromise in breeding for productive and adaptive traits

23 Apr 2012 | Beef Central

It is possible to simultaneously select for productive and adaptive traits in tropically-adapted cattle, without compromising genetic progress in either, recent Beef CRC research has shown.

Cattle in Northern Australia experience numerous environmental… Continue reading

New genetic opportunities for northern beef producers

By Dr Heather Burrow, Beef CRC chief executive23 Feb 2012 | Beef Central

Following the ‘Beef Crash’ of the mid-1970s, the northern Australian beef herd rapidly changed from British breeds such as Shorthorns to being based mostly on a well-adapted… Continue reading

$2m Cash Cow project targets answers to costly calf losses

By Russ Boadle22 May 2012 | Beef Central

An unexplained 10 percent calf loss from when females are pregnancy tested in-calf through to weaning has been identified as a major cause of production inefficiency across northern Australia’s cattle industry.

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